Painted Temporary Tattoos

Questions & Answers

Q: Can you do a custom tattoo?
A: yes, just bring in a black and white drawing and you'll have your custom tattoo before you know it.

Q: Do you need an appointment?
A: No, appointments are not needed. But if you have a whole birthday party coming in for tattoos it would be nice for a heads up.

Q: Is Black henna dangerous?
A: The news has had stories on dangerous black henna, but the bad black henna is called Para-phenylendiamine and contains ppds. Not all black henna contains ppds (black hair dye). Our henna does not and is all natural.

Q: How old do you have to be to get a temporary tattoo?
A: There is no age limit.

Q: Do you need a parent to get a temporary tattoo?
A: No, but you do need money.